Automated privileged access management (PAM)

ObserveID offers comprehensive privileged access management (PAM) solution and helps organizations detect gaps in privileged accounts usage, ensure least-privilege compliance, and monitor identity security hygiene metrics. ObserveID also detects unapproved privilege account usage across on-premises and multicloud environments. With this full contextual insight, ObserveID continuously audits service, application, root, administrator accounts, roles, policies, and entitlements to provide deep context on who got access to what and how potential risks impact your organization in near real-time.

Importance of privileged account management in Zero Trust architecture


Unmanaged privileged account usage

Privileged accounts are often favorites among attackers looking to gain full access to sensitive data without attracting attention. Unmanaged privileges pose a significant risk to organizations as they are a central component of critical information systems. Because privileged access to a critical information system is the crown jewel for an attacker, a privileged user account in the wrong hands can easily bring down an organization. Effective management and auditing of privileged accounts and permissions across on-premises, and multicloud environments requires context and automation, which is often a challenge. Without the visibility into unmanaged privileges, security, infrastructure, and audit teams struggle to achieve comprehensive security and compliance at scale.


Manually configuring and
auditing privileged accounts is inefficient and leads to misconfiguration errors.


Lack of a single platform to investigate privileged access, configurations, and relationships across multiple environments leads to significant costs and overhead.


The result is poor risk prioritization, inaccurate or contextless remediation, and out of compliance.

Importance of Just in time access in the cyber security risk management


Effortlessly manage privileged access, minimize risk, and improve productivity

ObserveID’s PAM solution intelligently discovers all privileged credentials and secrets used by human and non-human identities across your organization. Our context-aware centralized policy management engine empowers security, infrastructure, and IAM teams to set policies for password vault complexity, frequency of password rotations, which users shall have access to privileged systems, and more. Furthermore, ObserveID’s agent less PAM solution automatically detects unmanaged privileged accounts, credentials, abnormal behavior, and indicators of compromise with context-based, risk-driven remediation capabilities.

Secure privileges for service, application, root, and administrator accounts across your on-premesis, hybrid, and multicloud environments.

Receive context-rich insights when there is a potential risk such as the principle of least privilege, is not adhered to.

Enable secure access for remote employees and third-party vendors to privileged access manager, no matter where they are. Agent and passwordless.

PAM Product Features

Privileged account management (PAM) with just-in-time provisioning

Re-imagine PAM functionality with industry standard password vaulting and rotation functionality combined with just-in-time access provisioning to increase security of privileged accounts usage.

Monitor and control sessions

ObserveID’s agentless PAM platform allows you to establish secure connections, isolate privileged access sessions, and record activity during the session for on-demand audit and to meet compliance requirements.


Effectively mitigate PAM risks and maximize productivity

Simplify privileged access management with cloud-native solution and automation

Detect early signs of a data breach

Learn how ObserveID’s context-aware PAM solution can quickly detect abnormal privilege account usage and instantly alert your security team to a cyber-attack or insider threat before a breach catastrophe happens.