Identity Security the Way It Should Be

ObserveID is a unified identity security platform that puts access provisioning, de-provisioning, audit, and compliance processes on autopilot mode while providing a 360 degree view across identities and access in real time.

Workforce Identity Security. Reinvented.

Remote workforce and rapid migration to the cloud have brought workforce identity security to the forefront. ObserveID’s industry-first context-aware cloud identity and access management solution analyzes identities, privileges, and entitlements, and auto-generates least privilege policies across your hybrid and multi-cloud, to help IT teams visualize, detect, prioritize, and remediate identity risks.


Unified Identity Source

Effectively manage identities, entitlements, and resources all through a single control plane


Right Access to the Right Resource at the Right time

Simplify user lifecycle management and access governance with automated workflows


Fast Track Access Management Decisions

Make risk-aware access decisions throughout the identity governance lifecycle using real-time analytics


Converge IAM, PAM, and CIEM into One

View and manage risk across SaaS, On-premises, and multicloud to reduce the attack surface area


Accelerate Zero Trust Adoption

Implement access on-demand and Just-enough access features to accelerate your Zero Trust journey


Scale Without Breaking the Bank

Implement ObserveID in weeks, not months and see a 100% return on initial investment in the first 12 months

Balance identity security and employee productivity effortlessly

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Rich Identity Behavior Insights

Reduce access management risks with advanced identity intelligence through the most powerful cloud identity solution. Get unified profile of each person, containing 100s of dimensions of attributes, behavioral norms, and predictions.

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Lightning Fast Integration

Simple Deployment. No Fuss. Just integrate your identity sources through out-of-the box connectors in hours, not in days. Tailor Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) processes with bring-your-own connectors, RPA, widgets, and more.

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Context-Aware Policies

Out-of-the box policy engine learns your organization's identity model, gaining the required context to enforce the 'principle of least privilege'. No manual policy configuration required. Reduce application onboarding process by 50% with 'Onboard once, enable on-demand feature.'

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Cloud-Native IAM Solution for on-premesis and Multi Cloud Environments

Unify identity and access management policies across applications, workloads, resources, and identities with a single cloud-native platform. View and manage identity risk across multi cloud, SaaS, on-premesis applications to reduce the attack surface area.

Transform your approach to identity security

Get visibility on your identity and access management (IAM) posture from day one

Put your IAM policies into practice with ObserveID’s automated workflows and get visibility on your organization’s identity and access management posture from the first day. Easily add users, service accounts, resources, and applications matching the scale, velocity, and changing needs of your organization.

Automate provisioning and de-provisioning tasks

Organizations typically have different ways to onboard regular employees, contractors, and consultants. ObserveID’s context-aware IAM platform ensures all of the identity attributes are collected, analyzed against IAM policies and combined to provide just enough access to the right users.

Simplify access certification process

Access certification is the biggest time consuming and backward looking process for the most organizations. ObserveID provides instant certification on roles, approvals, access stats based on resource types, application types, departments, etc. all with click of a button.

Right size privileges and elevated access

Monitor privileged credentials and secrets used by human and non-human identities. Utilize the auto-generated guided least privilege recommendations to right-size the privileges and elevated access in your environment based on compliance requirements and organizational policies.

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