Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management (CIEM)

ObserveID offers comprehensive cloud infrastructure entitlement management (CIEM) capabilities and helps organizations detect gaps in the identity security, ensure least-privilege compliance, and monitor identity hygiene metrics. ObserveID also detects identity security risks in cloud workloads and data. With this full contextual insight, ObserveID continuously audits your cloud identities, roles, policies, and entitlements to provide deep context on who got access to what and how potential risks impact your cloud environment.

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Lack of deeper context on cloud identity and entitlements usage

Cloud identities pose significant risks to organizations as they are a central component of every environment and cloud hosted application. Monitoring the effective management and auditing of cloud identities and permissions across hybrid and multicloud environments requires comprehensive visibility and automation, which is often a challenge. Without the visibility into unmanaged identities, such as SSH keys, passwords, or account roles, security, infra, and audit teams struggle to achieve comprehensive security and compliance at scale.


Manually configuring and
auditing cloud identities and entitlements is inefficient and leads to misconfiguration errors.


Lack of a single platform to investigate permissions, configurations, and relationships across multiple cloud environments leads to significant cost and prone to human error.


The result is poor risk prioritization, inaccurate or contextless remediation, and incomplete compliance.

CIEM: Beyond Identity Hygiene – Prioritized Identity Risks


Context-aware, risk based cloud infrastructure entitlement management (CIEM)

ObserveID combines identity risks with cloud infrastructure context such as stale identities, policies, misconfigurations, public exposure, the location of sensitive data, and lateral movement signals—to help you prioritize the risks in your multicloud environment in a holistic way.


Monitor all identities, roles, groups, permissions, and policies deployed in your multicloud environment (AWS, Azure, GCP, and OCI) under one unified platform

Receive context-rich insights when there is a potential risk such as the principle of least privilege, is not adhered to.

Get instant answers to questions such as: “who has excessive permissions to a particular or serverless function?” or “Which EC2 instances have access to an S3 bucket with sensitive business or customer data?”

CIEM Product Features

Centralized multicloud discovery, remediation, and compliance.

ObserveID’s agentless cloud-native CIEM platform allows you to track cloud identities, roles, and entitlements across multiple cloud platforms, and ensure compliance with regulatory standards and CIS benchmarks.


Find gaps in the cloud identity security before attackers do

Detect and respond to cloud attacks in real time

ObserveID empowers CIEM teams to quickly detect and respond to cloud attacks by continuously collecting and analyzing intelligence from cloud feeds, configurations, and identities all through a single cloud-native platform.


Get lightning fast ROI with multiple remediation options

Using behavior analytics, ObserveID calculates the transformational security improvements that can be made with the minimal amount of policy changes.

Solve the cloud access and identity security gap with ease

Reduce your cloud attack surface with ObserveID’s CIEM solution designed for your dynamic and multicloud environment