Unified Identity and Access Management (IAM)

ObserveID offers a NextGen SaaS identity management platform that simplifies the integrations and implementation. The identity centric IAM platform is focused on providing a true converged solution for today’s enterprise needs to protect the cloud and hybrid infrastructure. The new identity centric platform provides 360-degree visibility into the breadth and depth of infrastructure and applications through a wide variety of out-of-the box integrations and with RPA-based BOT connectors where the integration is not feasible.


Complexity of Identity Access Management (IAM)

Successfully controlling the access to digital resources involves various complexities, especially when taking into account the complex interactions between users, applications, roles, and permissions. Implementing an Identity Access Management (IAM) solution is crucial in ensuring smooth access to resources while maintaining a strong security stance. However, managing IAM effectively in the age of hybrid or multi-cloud setups is becoming more difficult. Finding the perfect equilibrium between accessibility and security in this ever-changing environment requires a holistic approach to IAM.


Manually on-boarding and provisioning right access to human and non-human accounts across the organization and keeping it consistent and compliant can be a complex task.


Lack of visibility across the enterprise access for every user and machine identity can pose a threat to enterprise security.


The result is poor risk mitigation, operational inefficacy, and out of regulatory compliance.


IAM Solution for operational technology OT Security


Fast track access management decisions

ObserveID’s identity security platform streamlines user and application access governance and lifecycle management process by eliminating inefficiencies and errors associated with manual processes. The platform offers a user-friendly interface and powerful context-aware features such as Identity Intelligence, Automation, and Governance, making it an ideal solution for security-first organizations. ObserveID’s IAM platform enables organizations to fully automate identity and access management processes, ensuring compliance while maintaining the optimal security of critical systems and data.


Automation of user on-boarding via the “birth-right-role” process significantly improves the efficiency and consistency across enterprise access.

A rich user interface with detailed descriptions for all the roles and entitlements improves the user experience with access requests, reducing the redundant and erroneous access provisioning.

Full accountability of any access provisioned via enhanced approval process and visibility across the board.

IAM Product Features

Get single pane of glass visibility on accounts and entitlements

ObserveID’s cloud-native platform allows you to gain visibility into on-premises, hybrid and multicloud resources with a simple and elegant mind map view of identities, resources, and entitlements.


100s of out-of-the box connectors

ObserveID’s cloud-native platform provides context-rich identity information with the right level of intelligence needed to answer questions like “who should have access to what,” “when” and “why” along with “which operational activities” and “where it is used from” also known as 6Ws.

Identity security posture management with on-demand compliance and audit capabilities.

ObserveID’s cloud-native IGA solution provides comprehensive identity security posture management with on-demand SOC2, NIST, and GDPR compliance reports and near real-time audit reports to increase overall productivity and fast-track regulatory compliance.


Get lightning-fast ROI with Multiple Remediation Options

Using behavior analytics, ObserveID calculates the transformational security improvements that can be made with the least policy changes, and provides

Solve the identity access management and governance process with ease

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