AI Driven Identity Governance and Administration (IGA)

ObserveID offers a NextGen SaaS identity governance platform that modernizes the certification process and reduces the rubber stamping effect significantly with the use of AI and Access Analytics. AI-powered certifications offer a future-proof approach to compliance. By leveraging this technology, organizations can ensure a more efficient, accurate, and risk-averse approach to regulatory adherence.

AI in Compliance
Importance of privileged account management in Zero Trust architecture


Complexity of Identity Governance and Administration (IGA)

Managing digital identities is a complex task, especially as it relates to correlating the context of user, applications, roles, privileges, and so on. An identity governance solution plays a critical role in administering effective use of digital identities and maintaining a delicate balance between productivity and security. However, in this digital transformation era, effective management of identity governance has become a challenge given the adoption of hybrid or multicloud environments, and complex access provisioning and de-provisioning rules.


Automate data collection from all the applications and IT infrastructure across the organization with robust APIs (Web Services/SCIM) based integrations and RPA BOT Connectors for disconnected systems.


Modernize certifications across the enterprise access for every user and machine identity can be certified via simple and intuitive AI driven certification process based on risk and user behaviour.


The result is a boost in efficiency, enhanced accuracy, mitigated risks and reduced rubber stamping for regulatory compliance.


Context-aware access certification and avoiding the fatigue

ObserveID’s converged identity security platform streamlines user and application access governance by eliminating inefficiencies and errors associated with manual processes. The platform offers a user-friendly interface and powerful context-aware features such as Identity Intelligence, Automation, and Governance, making it an ideal solution for security-first organizations. The ever-evolving regulatory landscape keeps compliance professionals on their toes. Manual processes can be time-consuming and error-prone, leading to inefficiencies and potential risks. This is where ObserveID’s AI-driven compliance certifications are stepping in, offering a compelling solution.

Automation of user access collection via the out of the box integrations significantly improves the efficiency and consistency.

A rich user interface with detailed descriptions for all the roles and entitlements improves the user experience with access reviews, reducing the rubberstamping effect with modern AI driven approach.

Robust reporting and analytics for all the access reviews that are completed, along with the history for audit and compliance.

IGA Product Features

Context aware AI driven Certification process boosts operational efficiency and makes the certification process a breeze

ObserveID’s cloud-native platform allows you to automate the certification process with AI driven and rich access graph visualization models taking the certifications to the next level and significantly reduces the rubberstamping effect.

ObserveID’s cloud-native IGA solution empowers you to achieve a robust identity security posture. Our platform simplifies compliance by providing: